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    The Memory Foam Multipurpose cushion has the shape of a rectangular trapezoid and an inclination of 30 degrees, ergonomic design for resting the legs, sleeping, reading, working with the pc, etc.

    The benefits of the Multipurpose cushion are the following:

    - Helps in relieving the sensation of heavy and swollen legs.
    - Allows better venous drainage in situations of varicose veins, venous and lymphatic insufficiency and edema of the lower limbs.
    - Made with MEMORY FOAM foam, 40D high-density silicone foam and an outer layer of polyurethane fiber, which generates a sensation of softness and comfort.
    - It has a polycotton fabric mattress cover and peach skin fabric on the sides.
    - The MEMORY FOAM foam and the polycotton cover regulate the temperature of the cushion between 20 - 25 °C, generating a fresh sensation (measured with an infrared thermometer).

    Customer Reviews

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    Orlando Paz
    ORDER #1321

    Buen producto alivia el dolor de espalda baja, duermo mejor.

    Ruben Bruna Mercado
    ORDER #1170

    El servicio es muy eficiente, adicionalmente el producto es muy práctico. Lo recomendamos.